While “Hamilton” cautiously reloads into the famed Pantages Theater this August, blocks away at the somewhat less fancy Broadwater Theater, composer Gordon Stephen Matheson, Jr. takes his own shot at mounting what he hopes will be an entertaining and inspiring modern-day fable. Like “Hamilton, “ Gordon’s sung-through musical “No Matter Watt” blends musical styles like Pop, Hip-Hop, and Electronica to tell one man’s story of compulsion, addiction and ultimate redemption.


Enlisting a stellar eight member cast, all charismatic and impressive vocalists, Gordon has set out to further stack the deck for success. After studying the Hollywood Fringe Festival for three years, and wanting to create an empowering theatrical event in the vein of “Rent” and “Jesus Christ Superstar,” he then recruited an award-winning creative team of Fringe veterans, including Director Steven Vlasak, Choreographer Soda Persi, Musical Director Robert Hall, and Costumer Christine Vlasak.


“Life’s a roller coaster, and so is this show,” claims its creator, “and sure, there’s a message in there, but hopefully the audience will be so caught up with the catchy songs, this talented cast, and the innovative staging that they’ll all just enjoy the ride.” Beyond that, he trusts that the audience will take him up on one song’s invitation and “Keep Coming Back.”


“No Matter Watt – The Musical” runs throughout August as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival at the Broadwater Theater in Hollywood, with tickets and additional information at www.NoMatterWatt.net 



(L to R:) Peg Farber-Burr, Marcel Licera, Claudia Rosario Olvera, Jeremy Ebenstein,

Robert Gallegos, John Lauri, Brigit Comeau, Megan Peck


Starring in “No Matter Watt” are Robert Gallegos, Claudia Rosario Olvera, Jeremy Ebenstein, Peg Farber-Burr, John Lauri, Brigit Comeau, Marcel Licera and Megan Peck.


Information and tickets are available at: www.NoMatterWatt.net