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The Original Cleaner Cartridge Technology, JAWS

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JAWS Owner Bruce Yacko

Cuts Plastic Waste Commercial Cleaning Strength​that is Safe for Residential Homes

The Just Add Water System, is an innovative cleaning solution that reduces single-use plastic spray bottles. Designed to provide a child- and petsafe clean for homes, apartments, consumers and small business owners

favor the cost-saving effectivenessof JAWS®. It is powerful enough to effectively clean hightraffic
buildings, yet gentle on household surfaces without harmful or harsh ingredients.

Millions of spray bottles are discarded every year. JAWS eco-friendly cleaning system reduces singleuse
plastic spray bottles while providing high performance, cleaning concentrate in a smart, easy and
safe dilution system. Every time a JAWS child-resistant refill pod of cleaning concentrate is dropped
into a reusable JAWS spray bottle, one less plastic bottle enters the waste stream. Every JAWS refill
Pod saves 83% of plastic versus traditional spray bottles.

The JAWS® Just add Water System is saving resources at every step. Ready-to-use cleaning products
are mostly water. Why pay to ship water when consumers have a water source at home? JAWS
bottles ship empty along with the refill pods that are small and very lightweight. This helps save fuel
during shipping. Ready-to use-bottles of cleaner are heavier, which means more fuel is used to ship
water. JAWS is also more convenient for consumers because they carry less water weight home from
the retail store, and because the pod is so small, they save on storage space.

Diluting JAWS cleaning solutions is as simple as placing a pod filled with cleaning concentrate into a
reusable JAWS spray bottle filled with tap water and twisting on the sprayer. There is no measuring,
pouring, or spilling. The refill pod is child-resistant so users will never come into direct contact with
the cleaning concentrate. The self-contained, child-resistant refill pods are designed to be spill-proof
and easy to use. Drop a pod into the reusable plastic spray bottle filled with tap water and create a
perfectly mixed bottle of effective cleaning solution each and every time.

JAWS offers eight cleaning solutions including Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Disinfectant Cleaner, Glass
Cleaner, Foaming Bathroom Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner, Daily Shower Cleaner, Hardwood Floor Cleaner,
Granite Cleaner & Polish. Every JAWS® cleaning solution is color-coded for easy identification.

JAWS cleaning formulas are among the EPA Safer Choice Recognized Formulas. (EPA's) Safer Choice
label helps consumers and commercial buyers identify products with safer chemical ingredients,
without sacrificing quality or performance. Only the safest possible functional ingredients are
allowed in products with the Safer Choice label.

JAWS International, Ltd., a technology company committed to protecting the environment with
effective, concentrated cleaning products using safer chemicals. We developed JAWS® (Just Add
Water System) - a patented, innovative cleaning system designed to reduce the environmental impact
of packaging in conventional spray-cleaning products, conserving the resources required to produce
and ship them, while trimming end-use plastic disposal. A Founding Principal of the Company is Stop
Shipping Water. It's the Right Thing to Do.

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