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Mardi Gras Tuesday is a culinary gem that brings the vibrant flavors of New Orleans to Sherman Oaks. With a menu boasting authentic Cajun and Creole delights, this restaurant promises a dining experience that's as rich in flavor as it is in culture.

The appetizers alone are worth writing home about. Take, for instance, the hush puppies - golden orbs of cornmeal perfection, flawlessly seasoned and served piping hot. Paired with a dollop of tangy remoulade sauce, each bite is a delightful explosion of flavor. And oysters not miss, offered two ways; raw, well - seasoned and briny, fried to order, or char grilled with lemon butter and melted parmesan. They’re a true taste of the Gulf Coast.

But it's the entrees that truly steal the spotlight at Mardi Gras Tuesday. The jambalaya, for example, is a masterclass in Cajun cooking. Tender shrimp, spicy andouille sausage, and succulent chicken mingle with rice and aromatic spices, creating a dish that's as comforting as it is complex. And if you're in the mood for something a bit lighter, the snapper with red sauce is a winner. Served with a flavorful tomato-based sauce and a side of perfectly cooked vegetables, it's a dish that's sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.
Of course, no trip to Mardi Gras Tuesday would be complete without indulging in some classic Southern sides. The half corn, half rice combo is a must-try, offering the perfect balance of sweetness and starch. And you can't forget about the fried shrimp. Crispy, golden-brown, and served with a squeeze of lemon, they're the epitome of indulgence.

But perhaps what sets Mardi Gras Tuesday apart from other Cajun restaurants is its commitment to authenticity. From the decor to the music to the flavors on your plate, every aspect of the dining experience is designed to transport you straight to the heart of New Orleans. It's as if you've stepped off the streets of the valley and into a bustling French Quarter eatery, complete with wrought-iron accents and the sounds of jazz drifting through the air.

In conclusion, Mardi Gras Tuesday is more than just a restaurant - it's a celebration of Southern hospitality and culinary excellence. So grab your friends, your appetite, and prepare to embark on a culinary journey through the bayous and backstreets of New Orleans. Your taste buds will thank you.
Happy hour is 3 – 6pm Monday Through Friday, with a selection of Southern favorites like crab bites, Cajun wings, Gumbo, and house favorite Pop Fire Shrimp. Sip on a hand crafted specialty cocktail and enjoy outstanding food at MGT’s. 14543 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403 (818) 208-9838.

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